IVO focuses on increasing access to veterinary care for underserved communities worldwide, but we also think it is important to provide support in our own backyard.  After assessing the need for veterinary care around the San Francisco Bay Area, we recognized a huge demand and lapse of care for many of the animals in the city of Oakland. 

In 2017, IVO decided to partner with Oakland Animal Services (OAS) and their sister nonprofit organization, Friends of Oakland Animal Services (FOAS), by providing veterinary support for shelter animals, focusing on preventative care and spay/neuter surgery.  This enables shelter animals to move through the shelter quicker,  which decreases their overall stress and chance of becoming sick.

Moving into 2018, we plan to expand this project to feature monthly spay/neuter clinics for shelter animals, as well as launching community outreach services, including free to low-cost veterinary care, for low-income residents of Oakland.

We are very excited to see what the future holds for our newest project, but we also need your support!