The vision

Our top priority is to ensure animal welfare world wide. We do this by empowering veterinarians and veterinary professionals to bring their expertise and knowledge to underserved communities.

Unlike other organizations which offer temporary solutions, our projects are focused on sustainability and longevity through customized training and education programs. Further, we secure long-term access to proper equipment, supplies, and medications for these communities.

The most important objective is that every community can responsibly treat their animals and prevent unnecessary and often times avoidable diseases, injuries, and suffering. 

Our Approach

First and foremost, we are an animal welfare advocacy organization that focuses our efforts in areas around the world with limited to no access to veterinary care. Our strategy focuses on long-term changes to help improve the quality of life for animals. Our methods to ending animal suffering are multifaceted.

Veterinary Care
We offer direct access to expert veterinary medical care to the communities with which we work. We also provide basic care, including vaccinations, anti-parasitic medications, spay/neuter surgeries, and other treatments to ensure that animals have freedom from pain, injury, and disease.

We believe that education is fundamental for animal welfare advocacy. We aren't the solution, we are the means to the solution. We develop community-wide educational initiatives that raise awareness about the importance of basic animal health and its implication in public health. By focusing on the communities and their members first, we can build a system for improved animal welfare, rather than band-aids that lose their grip at the end of each visit.

It is not enough to teach locals on proper preventative care, it's critical that every community is prepared to care for their animals in the best ways possible. Our highly trained and skilled veterinarians work with local professionals to train on current procedures, best practices, and newest technologies. Doing the work is sometimes necessary, but training locals in proper procedures and techniques is what allows for sustainability.

With a One Health approach, we provide the opportunity for researchers to study animal health problems and to find long-term solutions that improves the public health of each community that we serve.  Our investigations allow us to focus resources on the most relevant and pressing animal health and public health issues.  We believe that by directly improving the health of animals, we can indirectly alleviate poverty by enhancing food security, strengthening the local economy, and decreasing disease transmission to people within each community.     

We strive to establish a sustainable source of veterinary care in the communities we work in. Collaboration with local community members and local veterinary professionals is critical in creating long-term solutions to improve the quality of life for animals. Along with on-going training and education, we help secure continued access to equipment, supplies, and medications. Sustainability only exists if we can these communities continue with proper animal care long after we end our programs.